To get in touch with us, call 613-549-4236, send a message to, or stop by 234 Brock Street.

In order to comply with COVID restrictions as per the direction of KFL&A Public Health, we will only be able to accommodate six individuals. We are hoping this is only short term until we can prepare a space that Queen’s University (MacGillivray-Brown Hall) has so graciously provided for us. 

In the near future (hopefully within a couple weeks), we will have the MacGillivray-Brown Hall ready. At that time both locations will be utilized and the number of youth we can serve will increase to a capacity of sixteen. Youth will sleep at the MacGillivray-Brown Hall and the Brock location will be set up for other services such as meals, hygiene needs, and counselling services. 

September is our projected last move, when we will settle into a new permanent shelter space. We will provide updates in the coming months.

We want to give a special thanks to the City of Kingston for giving us the Ridley building in order to function and support our youth in need during COVID times. As well, the United Way for always giving us the support we need with all our endeavors. And a big thank you to Queen’s University for providing us with the space while we transition into our new site. Lastly, thanks goes out to the community and fellow service providers coming together to support each other in times that are so hectic.